2019 Annual Letter

Dear BRP Members,

Hmmmmm…I never could have imagined writing this letter having been forced inside by a late spring snowstorm.  Last night, we received a nasty 8 inches of wet, heavy snow.  It was certainly a slap in everyone’s face having survived countless snow storms over a very long and cold winter.  The snowstorm had some damaging effects bringing down numerous trees and branches.  One might say it’s nature’s way of pruning the forest but others might take a harsher view such as the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, who arrived at the feeders yesterday and the nesting birds who are in total disarray this morning.  We had a woodcock nesting along a path and checking on its survival this morning…. sure enough it was sadly gone.

On a happier note, spring is abounding in many other respects.  The fishing season on the upper river opened last Saturday and we have had a few hatches near Wildcat Rapids and Castles Bridge.  Speaking of which, the new hand rails on the bridge are absolutely beautiful thanks to the Mosser family and all those who donated to the project.  Also, folks up and down the river are opening up their camps and tying a few canoes at their landings…..even some hardy picnickers have been seen poling up stream to Big Lake.

Below is our annual meeting notice and agenda.  We hope you will attend to familiarize yourself with BRP activities, projects, and share the river spirit with others.  It promises to be an informative meeting,  especially with regards to the removal of the South Shore Railroad Grade.  While we are making slow progress, it has been one of our greater challenges.  Be assured, all interest groups are steadfast in seeing the project completed as soon as possible.  This project along with other climate related issues are being identified and monitored having potential to degrade the health of the Brule Watershed, fisheries, land and forests.

If you have not made any donations to BRP, please give this some serious consideration.  Our mission of land preservation, river stewardship and  educational programs are costly endeavors and need your financial support.  To make a tax deductible gift you can follow this DONATE link or send a check to Brule River Preservation, PO Box 15, Brule, WI 54820.

We look forward to seeing you very soon or somewhere along the river or hiking trails this summer.

Best regards,

Bob Banks, President