Ecology and Preservation

We have compiled by topic a number of resources related to the Brule River, its watershed, and efforts toward preservation. These are shown below. Other links to resources, other than those available on this website, are also available online.


Rare & Endangered Species in the Brule River State Park, the Friends of the Brule River & Forest, Inc. (Published and printed by the Friends of the Brule River & Forest, Brule, WI, 2001).

A Report To: On the Ecological Nature of the Bois Brule River Study Area, Nature Conservancy (Published by Research and Planning Consultants, Madison, WI, 1980).

Aquatic Organisms / Guides

Aquatic Insects of the Bois Brule River System, Wisconsin, Robert B. DuBois (Printed as Technical Bulletin # 185, Department of Natural Resources, Brule, WI, 1993).

Restoration Plans / Of Regional Or Policy Interest

Northwest Sands Landscape Level Management Plan (Prepared by North west Regional Planning Commission and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WI, 2000).

The Historic Brule River Forest: A plan for restoration proposed by the Friends of the Brule River and Forest (Published and proposed by the Friends of the Brule River and Forest, Brule, WI, 1998).


From Fire to Forests: The Pine Barrens, A Research and Management Workshop, James O. Evrard et. al, Compiled and edited (Ashland, WI, March 10-11, 1999).

Robert E. Matteson Brule River Workshop, report prepared by Terry Dalton (Published by Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Ashland, WI, June 21-22, 1994).

State Research

Biotic Inventory and Analysis of the Brule River State Forest, Eric Epstein, et. al, Primary Authors (Published by Wisconsin’s Natural Heritage Inventory Program, Madison, WI, 1999).

Brule River State Forest: Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Madison, WI, 2003).