Hello everyone!

I trust all is well with you and your family while adapting to an unprecedented set of “life challenges.”  While we adjust and reinvent our daily lives, it’s also a good time to set aside stress and instead focus on the next trip to the river (which might relieve the stress).  Yes, while it’s easy for me to say, as I am based with easy access to my canoe and river trails, I recognize that many of you are thoughtfully adjusting schedules vis-à-vis when to make your way north during these unpredictable times.  We can only hope these days and months pass quickly and that a safe road leads you to the river’s edge.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that we have decided to cancel our 2020 Annual BRP Meeting on Memorial Day.  Instead, we will be preparing various updates and reports to be emailed and posted on our website.  We want to insure you that our work on the Brule continues.  That work includes a dedication to science-based research projects, as well as promoting our own initiatives while being responsible property owners and river stewards.  The updates will include the following subjects, in addition to financial reports and governance matters.

South Shore Railroad Grade Removal
Water Temperature Monitoring
Sedimentation Studies
Fire Protection, including Balsam Tree Thinning and Removal
GPS Data Mapping of Invasive Species, Erosion Concerns and Trout Habitat Areas

With regards to having an education program, there is hope that we may actually host such a program and social later on in the summer, but it is a slim one.  If not, we will do our best to create a virtual class over the web.  Of course, the social aspect will be missed but at least we can create a forum in which we can express concerns and discuss progress on subjects listed above.

As always, I also encourage to send your contributions to help fund our projects. Donations can be sent to Brule River Preservation, PO Box 15, Brule WI 54820.   Be assured, your generosity and thoughtful gifts are greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the Board of Directions, please be safe and healthy.  We all hope to see you sometime this summer.

All the best and stay tuned!

Bob Banks