2018 Annual Meeting Letter

Dear Fellow Members:

Fishing season opener last weekend has given life to a few camps with avid anglers. It’s been to wonderful to see familiar faces and hear enthusiastic reports on their adventure and catches. There are also the familial sounds of chainsaws, vacuum cleaners, hammers from other homes as they prepare to open for the summer. Along with early song birds, the spring continues to show signs that summer is soon to happen. I was a witness to see the last snow bank disappear from the yard this past week….good bye winter.

As you plan to make your way to the Brule this Spring, I am enclosing an invitation and agenda for our traditional Brule River Preservation Annual Meeting on Memorial Day. It is complete with familiar, yet informative subjects as well as a review the plan to remove the South Shore Railroad Grade. You will get a full review of what is threatening the fisheries of Lake Nebagamon Creek and Brule, if remedial action is not taken to remove 30,000 cubic yards of potential sediment eroding into the watershed. A date of July 1st has been set to begin removing any threat, yet we continue to raise the required amount to complete the project.

Also, if you have not made a personal membership gift to Brule River Preservation, we ask you to send your annual donation to BRP Treasurer, Michael Spencer PO 15, Brule WI, 54820 or go on the Brule River Preservation website and click on the DONATE link. We depend on these gifts to insure our tax-exempt status and to fund special programs. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in contributing to the removal of the South Shore Railway Grade, please send a check to BRP designating the amount to be used for this project.

On behalf of the BRP Board of Directors, we hope you accept our invitation to attend the annual meeting. As always, your participation, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Best Regards,

Bob Banks