Who We Are:

The Brule River Coalition was formed to provide an ongoing government - citizen forum to enhance communication and collaboration on environmental concerns among the numerous local governments and stakeholder groups within the Bois Brule River watershed.

How it Works:

​​Brule River Preservation Inc.has long provided leadership and support to issues concerning the land and water of the Brule and in recent years recognized the increased benefits of a watershed approach to achieve a widening range of goals. In 2013 the first watershed roundtable was organized.

The Brule River Coalition annually hosts a Brule River Watershed Roundtable. These sessions include agencies, landowners and nonprofit organizations all interested in the protection and restoration of this world class river. After the first Brule River Watershed Roundtable, the participants created a comprehensive map of areas where good data and other information are lacking, as well as issues of concern to all. ​

​The Brule River Watershed Roundtable seeks to facilitate the sharing of technical information, strategies, programs and policies concerning the watershed. The roundtable is a process to build partnerships for watershed protection, restoration and participation. It is a results-driven forum designed to improve resource coordination and cooperation at the local, state and regional level.

There is an emphasis on forming action plans to address issues identified through facilitated dialogue and online communication tools. 


Please visit Brule River Preservation's website to read more about these partnerships.

May 12, 2015 Hydrology, Run-off & Land Use Sub-Committee Minutes

May 12, 2015

Back Brule River Coalition: Hydrology – Land Use-Runoff Subcommittee Process Notes and Recommendations May 12, 2015, Brule Town Hall Premise: (as established by the subcommittee) “A functioning, self-sustaining watershed to be maintained and managed for resiliency.” (Biological, climatological, hydrological resiliency.) Purpose: To develop an issue or problem statement along with actions that will impact that…

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April 9, 2015 Sub-Committee Minutes

April 9, 2015

Back Minutes of the Brule River Coalition Sub-Committee Meeting TO: Brule River Preservation Board of Directors, Brule River Coalition Participants, Brule River Coalition Sub-Committee Participants FROM: Bryanna Johnson DATE: April 9, 2015 Introductions  Mike Gardner welcomed and thanked everyone for taking time to attend this Brule River Coalition Sub-Committee Meeting  Mike also handed out…

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The Brule watershed represents a unique combination of complex and diverse systems that results in outstanding water and habitat potentials. Coalition members recognize that in order to establish objectives that are responsive to complex needs it is necessary to incorporate strategies that consider all the processes occurring within the watershed. 

A core value of this approach is protect those watershed functions that are healthy while directing restoration efforts toward the underlying processes causing deterioration. The best means to improve outcomes is through active participation by watershed residents and local communities.

To better calculate protection levels within the watershed Coalition sponsor Brule River Preservation solicited support in 2014 from the John C. Bock Foundation to categorize, inventory and map the diverse protection categories. This data will form the foundation for a conservation registry of protection based conservation practices.

Protection categories include:

  • Conservation Easements
  • State Natural Areas
  • Brule River State Forest Master Plan
  • Douglas County Forest Management
  • Wisconsin Managed Forest Law
  • Working Lands Easements
  • Town Land Use Plans

Brule River Watershed

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