May 12, 2015 Identified Watershed Issues


Hydrology-Land Use-Runoff Sub-Committee: Problem /Issue Identification Exercise

May 12, 2015

Participants were asked to consider this prompt and share responses with the group: “ We consider the problem in the BRWS as impacted by hydrology, land use and runoff to be: ________________________________________, because______________________________.

The following is a list of the brainstormed answers:

* Forest Management not taking account of all impacts to the watershed
Forest management to address threshold of % open land
With warming increased impact of disease/pests in forests, changes composition
Increase of invasive species.
Loss of cedar component
Impacts of wildlife-deer and beaver

* Mis- guided hydraulics- what is happening in the channels and adjacent to the channels
Disconnection of upper tribs due to improperly set road culverts/construction.
Wetland losses in the watershed
Impacts of historic dredging of springs

* Un-Coordinated Land Use Management
Lack of enforcement of BMPs
Lack of a Watershed Plan
Lack of people working together (agencies, landowners, users)
Uncoordinated local planning
Lack of watershed approach to all planning in watershed-land use and otherwise

* Targeted education program to drive decision-making in the basin
Time, knowledge and ability to make thoughtful decisions
Lack of understanding by landowners over stewardship pm river (generational changes)

* Lack of needed scientific data
Lack of LiDAR
Lack of information on use and recreation impact on sedimentation and movement of sediment in the system
Incomplete understanding of water budget –timing/opportunity
Need more monitoring data with specific scope
In stream effects of previous habitat work not understood.

* Development implemented without accounting for consequences.
Natural vs. Human induced changes
Impervious Pavement
Impacts of development in the WS where BMPS are not installed
Loss of natural functions (because of cumulative effect of land use, in stream manipulation, and extreme hydrology)
Road Culvert Placement and design
Impacts of hardening of shorelines on streams. Hydrology we do not understand.
Unintentional Consequences

$ for local decisions and planned BMP’s
Inability to manage for climate change

As recorded by J. Anklam and M. Gardner

May 12, 2015 Identified Watershed Issues pdf